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Customized Compliance Programs

We get it. Every one of your vendors promises excellence. They all want to partner with you, and they all claim to be an industry leader. So how are we different? We listen to you. When we listen to your needs and we create a solid program for your project, you will find the following outcomes are achievable:

Meet Your Goals

If you want a program that meets your goals, please contact us and let us help you.

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Compliance Elevated is our commitment to you. With strongly qualified consultants who actually care about your project, we want you to experience higher levels of compliance, courtesy, and communication.

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Savings Through BMP Selection

The selection, location, and phasing of BMPs is critical to  reducing both risk and cost. With hundreds of projects and thousands of inspections worth of experience, your Summit team not only knows which BMPs work, but where and when to use them for optimal results

No Surprises

Shouldn’t this be one of your compliance goals? It is one of ours. We can make sure that you are ready for regulators and for rainy days.

Peace of Mind

We will stick with you even if you get a stop work order or a notice of violation, but honestly, those are remarkably rare if you are being proactive. Be confident, if it does happen, we can reliably guide you through the process.

Compliance Elevated

Compliance Elevated means always aiming higher. Our team is focused on the success of your project by applying our expertise where it can have the greatest impact on your project.

Executive Team

Andy Wallenkamp
Front Range Operations Manager

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Mr. Wallenkamp is the “on site” leader for Summit. He has work experience with two engineering firms prior to joining Summit, and nine years of inspection and management experience in stormwater compliance. Andy sees the activity at your sites and can advise you on ways to improve compliance on your projects.

Andy enjoys being proactive and alerting our clients to risks they may not have seen, as well as proposing solutions to common problems. Andy is also very proficient with our inspection software and understands how to manage the flow of information on a project so that items are not overlooked. His experience includes residential, commercial, and energy sector projects.

In addition to providing inspection services, Andy also leads our SWMP plan writing team, and serves as the Front Range Operations Manager for Summit. As Operations Manager, Andy has an integral role in creating and delivering training modules, performing internal quality audits, and organizing the efforts of our other Front Range compliance consultants.

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BJ Russell
Western Colorado Operations Manager

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BJ is Summit’s Operations Manager on the Western Slope of Colorado. BJ has a local’s knowledge of the oil and gas fields where our clients have an active presence. BJ’s role includes guiding and training our inspection team, and providing client training, scheduling, and quality control for the rest of the compliance inspectors. BJ is also commonly found visiting our client’s offices to ensure that our services are aligned with client priorities and to offer insights and expertise to maximize return on investment for our client’s compliance dollars.

As a former project manager for a reclamation and contracting company, BJ gained an understanding of the importance of clear and careful communication. He also knows how critical it is to work within budgets and schedule constraints to deliver great outcomes.

BJ understands the value of the oil and gas industry for Western Colorado, and also for our nation. He enjoys being Summit’s local connection to this critical industry. When he’s not visiting client sites for Summit he enjoys working on the family ranch, horseback riding, hunting, and football.

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Joel Jonker

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Joel Jonker, founder of Down To Earth Compliance, LLC (DTEC) and Summit Services Group, LLC has specialized in erosion and soil control compliance issues since 1995.

Joel’s primary role is the development of current and future leaders for the business and the industry. This includes coaching Team Leaders and others as they gain experience in managing the business so that clients can count on Summit to deliver affordable compliance. Together, Joel and the Operations Managers at Summit are continually improving our software, systems, our people and our processes to ensure that the quality of our deliverables meet regulatory requirements and exceed clients expectations.

Joel enjoys his family immensely, but also enjoys disc golf, cigars, and camping when he can get away. Joel is also an advocate for adoption, clean water in the developing world, and creating business cultures that promote healthy work places.

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Need BMP Installation?

Summit’s sister company has been installing BMPs and offering seeding services since 1995. We allow our clients to choose whether it makes sense to use only Summit, only DTEC, or both.

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