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BJ Russell

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Western Slope Team Leader

BJ is Summit’s Team Leader on the Western Slope of Colorado. BJ has a local’s knowledge of the oil and gas fields where our clients have an active presence. BJ’s role includes serving on the inspection team, and providing training, scheduling and quality control for the rest of the compliance inspectors. BJ is also commonly found visiting our client’s offices to ensure that our services are aligned with client priorities and to offer insights and expertise to maximize return on investment for our client’s compliance dollars.

As a former project manager for a reclamation and contracting company, BJ gained an understanding of the importance of clear and careful communication. He also knows how critical it is to work within budgets and schedule constraints to deliver great outcomes.

BJ understands the value of the oil and gas industry for the Western Slope of Colorado, and also for our nation. He enjoys being Summit’s local connection to this critical industry. When he’s not visiting client sites for Summit he enjoys working on the family ranch, horseback riding, hunting, and football.

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