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Noise Monitoring

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The Problem

This gas development company wanted to begin a new drill operation on a current lease, but the conditions of their permit required a sound monitoring test to verify sound levels during various stages of their operation. The purpose of the test was to document sound levels that may potentially impact wildlife near the well for BLM permit requirements. Because of the urgency of keeping the operation on track, Summit was asked to deploy over a weekend with just 48 hours notice.

The Solution

Summit had the equipment and the talent needed to rapidly deploy a four station sound array to meet the requirements of the client’s Location Assessment (form 2A). Summit was able to mobilize, monitor, and report in a total time of 2 days. This allowed the client to confirm their potential impacts, make operational decisions, and proceed their operations. Given the daily costs of operating a well site, the real win here was the ability to proceed on schedule with drilling and production without having to build expensive sound walls. Summit was honored to be part of the solution.