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Surviving a State Inspection

Download our comprehensive guide to surviving a State stormwater inspection. If you have a permitted project in Colorado you need to be aware that the state has increased their inspection staff from two to eight. They have also stated a target of visiting 10% of permitted sites each year. You have a 1 in 10...
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The Compliance Curve

Coming Soon – Please Check Back This short video explains two distinct ways to manage compliance. One way forces a choice about how much compliance to achieve by deciding how much you spend. The second way shows how to move the compliance curve so that you can achieve greater compliance levels with less money. Grab...
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SWMP Checklist Download

State of Colorado SWMP (Stormwater Management Plan) review checklist. The link below is for the SWMP checklist used by a state inspector when visiting a construction site to perform a stormwater inspection. The overall purpose of these state visits is to confirm compliance and educate project owners of the State’s requirement associated with a Colorado...
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