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Assigning roles for stormwater compliance

Achieving stormwater compliance at an active construction project is definitely a team sport. Players include the BMP contractor, an inspector, the Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) designer, the site superintendent, possibly a project manager, and the owner is also part of the team. Don’t forget the regulators. In this analogy, the local and state regulators function similar to a referee to make sure everyone follows the rules of the game.

Let’s not carry the sports analogy too far, but one thing is clear. Assigning roles to each player is critical to coordinate effective, timely, and affordable responses. And failure to have clear roles and boundaries can lead to dropped balls, poor choices, and ultimately, finger-pointing.

Are you the project owner or project manager? We understand that you have twenty things to manage right now, but consider adding this topic to your next team meeting agenda. Five minutes spent clarifying roles and expectations may avoid major problems later. Review the following questions as a starting point:

Who will sign the weekly/bi-weekly inspection reports?
Who is on the weekly/bi-weekly inspection report distribution list?
Who can authorize repairs and corrections to the BMPs (i.e. responding to routine reports)?
Is anyone assigned to visually monitor BMPs during rain events?
Is there a dollar limit to their authority? Where and when would they seek additional approval?
Is my inspection company updating the SWMP? Clearing correction action items?
Who will keep an eye on the calendar so the site is prepared (from a stormwater perspective) for the next project phase?
What is our plan for responding to a regulator visit?
Who is evaluating the effectiveness of stormwater trade partners?
Who is policing other subcontractors to clean up debris and reminding them not to damage BMPs?

OK, maybe you don’t need to address each of these questions, but use a few of them to launch discussion. Ideally you would identify the designated Stormwater Administrator for your project(s) and they would clearly understand your company goals for the role.

Summit’s experience is that our clients who have clear roles and authority within their organization tend to have less confusion, better outcomes, and spend far less time managing routine items. That’s a win for any project! If you’d like Summit to share their ideas and experiences with you so you can adopt industry best practices, contact us and we’ll gladly share our observations about what works.