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Costco Clean Air Act Violations

Summit Services Group is primarily focused on stormwater and SPCC compliance. So you may ask, why are we sharing this link about Clean Air Act violations?

There are two reasons why our clients may want to be aware of this action.

First, this is how the EPA signals priorities. We’ve seen the pattern with stormwater compliance in the past. The first large enforcement cases were against big box builders and home builders with a national presence. In effect, the first cases were an announcement that the EPA is active and is willing to use large penalties to enforce its priorities. Then over the course of a few years, the focus shifted to smaller regional and local builders and contractors, often through the actions of local regulators who “got the message”.

Second, we have many clients whose operations may also be subject to Clean Air Act enforcement, so we are just reminding you that the priority has been established and we can expect a greater enforcement at the state and local level.

Remember when Walmart paid those big stormwater settlements and many builders and developers thought the EPA would not waste time on individual projects. Well, you were right about that, but the EPA used the leverage of the state’s permits to have the states follow their priorities. Pretty danged effective, yes?

Our bottom line is a reminder to stay vigilant. Regulatory compliance is certainly a field where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Here’s a link to more info about the Costco case:

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