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A New Mindset

To celebrate Summit’s 10th year in business we have started using the tag line, Compliance Elevated in our emails. What does this mean for our clients? Is it more marketing hype? Is it just a nice sounding platitude?

Well, we do like the sound of Compliance Elevated, and we are proud that in our tenth year we have 17 full time employees conducting inspections and audits all across Colorado (a truly shameless plug, eh?).

BUT, we also use the Compliance Elevated language internally to remind ourselves that our client’s needs drive our decisions and recommendations on the projects we inspect. We believe this is important because our mindset or perspective often drives outcomes.

Mindset Driven Outcomes

To give some extreme examples of mindsets that drive different outcomes, consider these two mindsets that an inspector could potentially hold, and consider the impact to on site outcomes. Suppose you had an inspector routinely visiting your site whose mindset was that they were the expert and their role was to push hard and make a lot of noise until you, the client, caved and followed the inspector recommendations. It seems clear that this kind of arrogance could lead to resentment, communication failures, and slowed or non-existent responses to recommendations.

On the other hand, consider the impact to your project if your inspector truly listened to you. Maybe they asked about your project goals, and spent time understand the next steps in your construction sequence. What if they offered multiple solutions, presenting pros and cons and allowing you to make the final decision about implementing best practices on site? What if they gave you a verbal summary of what they observed on your project as well as a written report? Or what if they were able to identify the highest risk concerns on your site to allow you to prioritize or triage the responses? In short, what if the inspector’s mindset was to serve you and educate you to make informed decisions in your best interests?

Well, we would call that Compliance Elevated.

Welcome to the Summit.

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