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Enforcement Support

Residential Stormwater Management

SWMP in 3 Days!

The Problem Summit received a call from a developer who needed a quick turnaround on a Stormwater Management Plan to meet the requirements of a local city in the Greater Denver metro area.  Having just been informed by the city that he had one week to put a SWMP in place the developer first called...
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A Northern Colorado rescue

The Problem A project owner who was not a Summit client had received a state inspection, but did not respond to the state’ Inspection Report as required. The state responded by informing the project owner that significant fines were pending unless the project came into compliance by responding to the Inspection Report, by developing a...
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A GESC is not enough

The Problem Summit had a client that relied on their civil engineer to provide their initial stormwater documents. In this case the civil prepared a solid GESC (Grading, Erosion, and Sediment Control) plan that satisfied the city, but they did not prepare a SWMP to meet the requirements of their Colorado Stormwater Discharge Permit. This...
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