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A GESC is not enough

The Problem

Summit had a client that relied on their civil engineer to provide their initial stormwater documents. In this case the civil prepared a solid GESC (Grading, Erosion, and Sediment Control) plan that satisfied the city, but they did not prepare a SWMP to meet the requirements of their Colorado Stormwater Discharge Permit. This client had an earlier state inspection prior to our involvement and responded to the state report on their own. The response the client submitted to the State of Colorado was deemed inadequate, and Summit was called in to assist with the follow up response.

The Solution

Summit was able to clarify that although a GESC was in place, the state still required a SWMP. Summit also assisted with a letter responding to the state which demonstrated the steps the client and project had taken to come into full compliance. The result was a site that met both state and local requirements and further enforcement action was averted. Naturally we don’t share client names in examples like this, but we still want to point out that this was not a terrible client, this was not a developer or builder run amok. Instead, this was someone who relied on bad information from another consultant and got sideways with the State. The good news is that this client now has a better understanding of stormwater compliance and has project documentation that will guide them through the rest of the project.