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A Northern Colorado rescue

The Problem

A project owner who was not a Summit client had received a state inspection, but did not respond to the state’ Inspection Report as required. The state responded by informing the project owner that significant fines were pending unless the project came into compliance by responding to the Inspection Report, by developing a SWMP (stormwater management plan) and by conducting repairs and maintenance of Best Management Practices on site.

The Solution

Summit assisted the client with creating a SWMP. We also formulated a response to the state’s Inspection Report, and advised the client on cost effective methods to get their BMPs up to standard. Although there were expenses related to making the site compliant, they really were no more than should have been spent in the normal course of a project to maintain compliance. At the end of the process the project satisfied the state requirements and financial penalties were avoided. Summit ALWAYS recommends being proactive about stormwater compliance. It is the right thing to do to protect our shared environment and as a risk management strategy. But if you find yourself in a jam, isn’t good to know that Summit is available to help?