Stormwater Design, SPCC, Sampling & Inspection Services

Affordable Stormwater Design

The Problem

Our client needed a SWMP for an interstate electrical transmission line that would be federally permitted. Because of the remote location of the line and dispersed nature of the disturbances the cost of BMPs was potentially unsupportable within their bid costs. Making good decisions in the design phase would be needed to hit the target objectives.

The Solution

Summit recognized the unique circumstances that characterized the site.

  • Disturbances at the towers were small because rubber tracked equipment was used.
  • Disturbances were spaced approximately a thousand feet apart from each other.
  • Surrounding land was typically farmland or grassland.
  • Disturbed areas were scheduled for stabilization very quickly after the work was completed

These factors led Summit to develop a set of BMPs that were re-usable, portable, and easily installed by the contractor’s own crews. In this case the affordable SWMP also allowed for a very cost effective approach to Best Management Practices, saving the client thousands of dollars over a conventional approach to BMPs.